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This Week | June 19th | Top 25 for Intermediate Students
1383 Macho Women
707 Rocky Gets a Home
Hear about a homeless cat.
1383 Macho Women
708 Rocky Gets Hurt
Listen how Rocky got hurt!
1383 Macho Women
709 Rocky Recovers
Hear how Rocky healed!
1383 Macho Women
706 Chaz the Cat
Learn about a cool cat!
1383 Macho Women
704 Nice to Meet You!
Listen to real introductions!
1383 Macho Women
1452 Another Day
What do you always do?
1383 Macho Women
1451 Favorties
What are your favorite things?
1383 Macho Women
1383 Macho Women
Tough gals with tough attitudes
1378 Freaky Foods
1378 Freaky Foods
Foods we hate to eat.
1237 Freaks and Animals
1237 Freaks and Animals
Julia and Todd discuss certain lifestyles.
1153 Love at First Site
1153 Love at First Site
The possibility of instant love.
1143 Shipwreck
1143 Ship Wrecked
Jeff talks about surviving a ship wreck.
1350 In the Club
1450 A to Z of Free
Great tech tools for teachers and students
1350 In the Club
1449 Burger Barn
Listen to a fast food order.
1350 In the Club
1448 Best Age for Phones
When should kids get phones?
1350 In the Club
1447 Kids and Make-up
When can kids wear make-up?
1350 In the Club
1446 Eating Healthy
Fruits and Veggies Todd Likes!
1350 In the Club
1445 Fruits and Veggies
Fruits and Veggies Meg Likes!
1350 In the Club
1444 The Best Ages
What age groups are fun to teach?
1350 In the Club
1443 Students by Age
How do students differ by age?
1350 In the Club
1442 Cut the Music
Why schools need music
1350 In the Club
1441 Music Appreciation
Learning music at an early age
1350 In the Club
1440 Best Beach in Sri Lanka
Nadu talks about Marble Beach
1350 In the Club
1439 Castle in Sri Lanka
The Tooth Relic Parade

Videos - One Minute English

Cover Image
Video 1448
When did you get your first phone?
Cover Image
Video 1447
When do you wear make-up?
Cover Image
Video 1445
What foods could you eat every day?
Cover Image
Video 1444
When did you hate school the most?
Cover Image
Video 1443
When did you enjoy school the most?
Cover Image
Would you like to go to ...?
Cover Image
What is your favorite animal?

Mixer - Six People / One Question

MX 95 Appearance
Mixer 95 Appearance
Do you worry your looks?
MX 94 Breakup
Mixer 94 Breaking Up
Is breaking up hard?
MX 93 Rent
Mixer 93 Rent vs. Own
Is renting or owning better?
MX 92 Healthcare
Mixer 92 Healthcare
Should healthcare be free?

Games - Fun Listening Activity

SixPix 75 Vietnam
Hoa describes places in Vietnam.
64 DjiBouti
SixPix 74 Best of Singapore
JIngwei talks about tasty food.
64 DjiBouti
SixPix 73 What NOT to pack!
Do not bring this on vacation!

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