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creatorElllo! My name is Todd Beuckens, and I am the creator of I teach English in Japan. Each week I publish two new, free listening lessons. Feel free to contact me for questions, comments or requests.

Love is in the Air!

For Valentine's Day we look at lessons about relationships , love, romance, and heart-ache.

Valentine's Day

What's a good date? 

Love at First Site

Long Distance Love  



Sad Love Story! 

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Does it rain a lot in your country?
Mixer Video #21
Not getting what you want
Views Video #1208
Tom and Jess share their dream jobs.
Mixer Video #8
What do you do first in the morning?
Mixer Video #25
Are you a clean freak?
Mixer Video #6
Rese and Tlotlo take on a tough issue.
Mixer Video #7
Views: Listen to natural English, take a quiz, and learn vocabulary.
Shirley talks about her weekend.
Views #1345
Do computers help people learn?
Views #1265
Dan talks about how to live for less.
Views #1326
Daniel and Hana talk about sleep.
Views #1268
Mike and Erina share their bad habits.
Views #1215
Paul discusses the environment.
Views #1301
Mixer: Listen six people answer the same question about life.
Six people share their birthdays.
Mixer #69
Are you afraid of ghosts?
Mixer #55
Do you have too much tech stuff?
Mixer #67
Six people share when they wake up.
Mixer #12
What do you like shopping for?
Mixer #53
People discuss who they admire.
Mixer #149