#266 New Zealand
Leo talks a little about why New Zealand is a special place.
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Todd: Hello!

Leo: Hello!

Todd: Uh, could you introduce yourself please?

Leo: Sure. My name's Leonard Tui. I'm from Auckland, New Zealand.

Todd: Wow! Great! Leonard?

Leo: Yes, Leonard.

Todd: OK. Do people call you Leaonard?

Leo: Some people call me Leonard.

Todd: Leonard!

Leo: Some call me Leo. Some call me Lenny.

Todd: Oh, wow! Quite, quite a few. Back home, what do your friends call you?

Leo: Back home just Leonard.

Todd: Leonard. Oh, OK! Great, um, so tell us about New Zealand.

Leo: Well, I come from Auckland which is the largest city in New Zealand. The total population of New Zealand is just under 4 million. Auckland has roughly the one point two million.

Todd: OK. Oh, great.

Leo: And, uh, Auckland is in, more near top of the North Island. The weather there is pretty mild.

Todd: OK. What is the best thing about New Zealand?

Leo: I would say the outdoors, the nature, just basically getting outside...enjoying life.

Todd: OK. How long has it been since you lived in New Zealand?

Leo: It's been seven years now.

Todd: Oh, really! Wow, do you miss it?

Leo: I actually miss the, the social side, the family and the outdoors.

Todd: Yeah, yeah, I hear it's a beautiful place.

Leo: Oh, it is. Especially in the South Island.

Todd: Wow! Yeah, I really hope to go there sometime. I hear it's just a fantastic place. OK. Thanks a lot.

Leo: You're welcome.

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