#430 Packaged Tour vs. Backpacking
Simon and Todd talk about the best way to travel.
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Todd: So, Simon, are you still planning to take trip to Southeast Asia?

Simon: Yeah, I really like Southeast Asia so I would like to go there again.

Todd: Oh, cool. When you go, are you taking a tour, packaged tour or are you just going to go on your own like a backpacker?

Simon: Well, I haven't decided yet. Ah, both have their advantages and their disadvantages. (Mm, yeah!) Um, well, let's say with backpacking, it's cheap, and you can meet a lot of interesting people and you can sometimes stumble upon, really, really cool things or interesting places by chance.

Todd: Hm, it's true, but if you do a packaged tour, they usually have the expertise about the area. You'll have a guide who can speak the language.

Simon: Well, if I go for a short-time, which is probably the case I think packaged tours have, are also good because you're there for a short time. Everything is provided for you and you can just enjoy fun in the sun, or culture. Basically, your mind can relax. When you're a backpacker you always have to think about everything, you know. "Can I find a place to stay?", "Is this place safe?" you know, "Are my belongings safe?" uh, things like that. Packaged tour you just sit back and relax.

Todd: Yeah, I think it's always best to take a packaged tour if you travel with somebody, but it's always best to do backpacking if you're going to travel alone.

Simon: Absolutely, I agree. If you're alone, in, as a backpacker, you can meet people. You're forced to meet people.

Todd: Yeah, that's true.

Simon: Ah, if you took a packaged tour alone you'd probably be one lonely person, sitting on the beach, drinking your glass of lemonade or whatever drank and sitting there reading a book.

Todd: So, on your trip to Southest Asia, are you going alone with somebody?

Simon: Well, we'll see won't we.

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