#455 English Village
Ruth talks about her village in England.
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My name's Ruth and I'm from a small village in England. I live quite near Nottingham and I've lived there for most of my life actually. Nottingham is quite famous for Sherwood forest, where Robin hood was supposed to live and as a child I spent some of my time in Sherwood Forest playing.

I live in a village and it's actually a mining village with about 1,000 or 1,500 inhabitants. There's really not very much to do there. There's a shop and a post office, a school and my mom teaches at the school.

I did actually live in Edinburgh for one year and that was quite different from life in my village because there was so much more to do and there were so many more people and there was so much more traffic, but I think actually I prefer living in a village because, well, if you want to go out to the shops, if you want to go to the cinema, you can go to the nearest town, or to the nearest city, but you can always escape city life and you can always go back to where it's quiet and more peaceful and where everybody knows each other, but if you live in the city you can't really escape it, and I don't really like the noise of the city so I think I will probably live in a village for the rest of my life.

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