#456 Embarassing Moment
Ruth shares an embarrassing moment.
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My most embarrassing moment was probably when I lived in Germany. One day I decided to go shopping and I drove into town. I had a car. And I was very, very pleased because I found a parking space immedately which was rather unusual. I did my shopping, which only took half an hour and I went back to my car, and to my absolute horror it was no longer on the ground but it was suspended in the air. I really did not know what to do at this point so I walked back into town and I went to the police station. The police were very kind to me and I was very grateful for that and they interviewed me.

They asked me what had happened and I said 'I'm really sorry, I didn't buy a parking ticket' and they said 'We hadn't even noticed that!', they said 'Do you realise where you had parked?' and I said 'Well no, I have no idea' and they said 'Well actually you parked into the entrance to a car park and as a result nobody could get out of the car park because you were parked in the entrance'. So I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time then. It was very embarrassing: I hadn't seen the sign, I hadn't noticed the car park which was rather silly. Erm, but now my friends think it is really funny when I tell them the story. I also think it's funny but it was an expensive mistake!

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