#458 Wake Up
Ruth and Todd talk about their morning.
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Todd: So, what did you do today?

Ruth: Well, actually, I got up this morning quite early. I couldn't sleep so I was a little bit annoyed and then I went to church and I had some lunch and..

Todd: OK, but, you said early, like how early?

Ruth: Well, I think it was about 7 o'clock.

Todd: That's not early.

Ruth: That is early if you went to bed at 1.

Todd: That's true. That's sleeping in for me.

Ruth: That's sleeping in. That's true. You're an early bird aren't you?

Todd: Now, last night we went out and had the beers.

Ruth: Yeah!

Todd: I was actually quite happy this morning. I had no hangover.

Ruth: Did you not? (No) I felt a little bit queasy this morning, and I was a bit ashamed, and I didn't even drink very much. I wasn't, I didn't feel queasy. I think is was more that I hadn't had any sleep actually.

Todd: Yeah, did you feel guilty in church knowing that you still had the beer buzz?

Ruth: No. I didn't feel guilty about that.

Todd: Yeah, that would be tough one. No, I still got up this morning at 5:45.

Ruth: 5:45!

Todd: Yeah.

Ruth: You must be a lunatic.

Todd: Well, I mean when the light comes up and the light goes through your window, I don't know how people can still sleep. You know? You can sleep when the light, the sunrise still comes up?

Ruth: Yeah, not for too, I mean I can't sleep forever, but like, 7 o'clock, 8 o'clock, then my body wakes up.

Todd: The apartment I was at before, it was crazy because there was a rooster outside, and it didn't do what it was supposed to do, like normally when the sun comes up, the rooster is supposed to go, "er-er-er-er" or whatever,
but this thing did it at like 1 and 2 in the morning. It used to drive me nuts, so I used to always wake up at 2 because I'd hear this rooster going "er-er-er" and I just wanted to kill that bird.

Ruth: Did you go sleep, back to sleep after that?

Todd: Yeah, of course I went back to sleep, but the bird would wake me up regularly. Yeah. No roosters here.

Ruth: That's not funny is it?

Todd: Yeah.

© Todd Beuckens