#459 Favorite Actor
Ruth talk about her favorite actor.
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Todd: So, Ruth, who is your favorite actor or actress?

Ruth: Oh, that's a good question. I think it definitely has to be Ewan McGregor.

Todd: Mm, yeah, he's pretty good.

Ruth: I really, really like him.

Todd: Why do you like him?

Ruth: Well, he's really, really good-looking. I think primarily I like him because he is so good-looking and he's just got really nice skin and really nice eyes and nice hair and so primarily I think it's his looks, although from what I've read in magazines and things, he seems like he is a nice guy as well.

Todd: What movie did you really enjoy that he made?

Ruth: Probably Moulin Rouge. That's probably my favorite because in Moulin Rouge he sings a song called Your song by Elton John and he sings it to this girl, and I just
think, "Wow, imagine Ewan McGregor singing that song to you. That would just be absolutely phenomenal." I really like that, so although he's been in different things but that's probably my favorite.

Todd: Did you see him in Train Spotting?

Ruth: Yes, I did, yeah.

Todd: That's the first time I saw him and I thought that that was just a really good movie.

Ruth: It's a really good film.

Todd: You know when they showed that in the States a lot of people requested that it had, um, like transcripts.

Ruth: No way.

Todd: Yeah, because the English was so difficult forAmerican people to understand.

Ruth: That's really funny.

Todd: Isn't that funny.

Ruth: Yeah.

Todd: Yeah, so, it's funny though cause now Ewan McGregor is Obi-One.

Ruth: That's true.

Todd: In the Star Wars movies.

Ruth: No, I'm not a Star Wars fan, actually but I would probably watch it just for Ewan McGregor.

Todd: Have you seen him in the other two?

Ruth: I just saw it, him in the first one.

Todd: Oh, really. Oh, yeah, he does a pretty good job.

Ruth: Yeah, he's good, he's good.

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