#460 Birthday Memory
Ruth talk about a birthday she remembers.
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When I was younger I was in an organisation called the guides. Guides are girls who are between 10 and 14 who get together once a week to do things like have competions and play games and go camping and generally just have fun together. I really enjoyed being in the guides. There's a similar organisation called the scouts for boys although I think these days girls can be scouts and maybe boys can be guides - I'm not sure. Anyway I used to go camping quite a lot with guides. I remember I went one weekend and it was the same weekend as my birthday and I was going to be 13 that weekend. We had a really good weekend and we cooked different things and we played games and we didn't really get much sleep as you generally don't when you're sleeping in a tent with a lot of people your age you tend to stay up all night.

So on my birthday which was the Sunday, everybody sang Happy Birthday to me and they gave me a cake and they wrote on a card for me and I had a really nice day. That evening I went home and I was so tired and I started to unpack my things. And then the doorbell rang and my friend arrived and then one by one - it was very strange- all of my friends arrived, and what had happened was my parents had organised a surprise birthday party for me! I was so excited but I was also very smelly. I hadn't had a shower for the whole weekend. We had a great time, we went bowling and it was really a day to remember.

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