#461 Ruth's Pet Peeves
Ruth talks about her pet peeve.
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There are two things which really annoy me. Actually I experience both of them, sometimes, on public transport. Often when I travel I go on buses and on trains and both of these things seem to occur quite often. Firstly is when other people listen to music, they listen to their CD player or their MP3 player and the music is really loud. I mean, I don't mind if other people want to listen to music. In fact, I also really like listening to music and I often take my MP3 player to different places with me but I don't like listening to other people's music so I wish they would just turn the volume down a bit.

The other thing which really peeves me is when people leave their mobile phones on in public and the phones ring and ring and people never know whose phone it is because often people have the same ringtone. But the worst thing is when people have long conversations in public on their mobile phones. I don't really want to hear everybody else's gossip. I mean, obviously sometimes it is necessary to make a phone call to arrange a lift or to organise something. That's different. But when people have lengthy conversations I really get annoyed. I wonder what you think about that?

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