#463 Seasons
Ruth talks about the change in seasons.
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My favorite season has to be autumn, although when it gets to autumn I feel slightly disapointed because I know that after summer the weather gets colder and the nights get shorter and the evenings get darker. I still really like autumn. One of my favorite things about autumn is whan all of the leaves fall off the trees and you can walk about and crunch in the leaves. However I think my favorite thing about autumn is the conkers. I love it when conkers fall off trees and you can collect them.

When I was at school we used to collect conkers and put them on stings and then we would have a competition to see who had the best conker. We would hit our conkers with somebody elses and if yours didn't smash then you could have one point so after your first game, your conker would be a oner. Then if you won twice, it would be a twoer and so on. It was a really good game and it kept us amused for hours. Conkers are great fun. Have you ever played conkers? Maybe you should. Why don't you try it this autumn?

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