#466 Best Movie Ever
Simon and Lesie discuss their love of Star Wars.
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Simon: Hi, Lesie.

Lesie: Hey, Simon. Have you heard that they're making the third episode of the new Star Wars series?

Simon: Yeah, yeah, I heard about that.

Lesie: Do you like Star Wars?

Simon: Well, the old Star Wars that they made 20 years ago, I really like.

Lesie: Me, too. Me, too.What's your favorite episode of the old series?

Simon: Of course, that would have to be number two, The Empire Strikes Back.

Lesie: Really, mine is the original Star Wars.

Simon: Oh, really! Why do you like it so much? Why is it the best?

Lesie: I think it's the best because the characters are really, really different. In the second and third one they're kind of, they begin to mellow, but in the first one, they're really different.

Simon: Oh, you mean that each character is distinct from the other characters.

Lesie: Right!

Simon: Yeah, I like the second one better because it's a little bit darker and cooler and the bad guy, Darth Vader, of course one of the most famous bad guys in movie history, plays a bigger part and you know there's the drama and plus the, you know, the fighting, and the space scenes are all a little bit better and cooler.

Lesie: I see. Well, my favorite character is Princess Leia. Do you know why?

Simon: Well, I'm sure you'll tell me.

Lesie: Well, because she was the first positive strong female character I saw in the movies. She was take charge, told everybody what to do.

Simon: Well, she was popular with both girls and boys.

Lesie: Right! Hey, did you have any Star Wars toys when you were a kid?

Simon: Yeah, of course, I had the Luke Skywalker action figure.

Lesie: Oh, I see.

Simon: How about you?

Lesie: Ah, I can't remember. I don't remember if I have any, if I had any toys but I had the soundtrack to the movie.

Simon: So can you sing, can you hymn it a little bit of the soundtrack right now?

Lesie: No, but I can tell you most of the dialogue from the first movie.

Simon:So that you can say that you are a diehard Star Wars fan?

Lesie: I am a diehard Star Wars fan.

Simon:Yeah, when I was young, me too.


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