#467 Sumo
Simon shares his thoughts about sports and sumo.
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Yeah, hi, I wanna talk about, yeah, watching sports, like live or on TV. I mean I like to play sports more than I like to watch sports but sometimes a good game on TV or watching it live can be really good, um, you know, everybody, or many people like to watch the olympics or the world cup of soccer, I mean those kinds of sports are really, really exciting. I like to watch them too. I like to watch a good game on TV, you know, it there's lots of buildup and tension for the match, it's even better. One sport that I've been really getting into recently is Japanese Sumo wrestling, yeah, it's, you know, it's quite a spectacle. Many westerners think that it's kind of a joke, you know, a bunch of fat guys in tiny underwear, you know bashing their bodies against each other, but there's really a lot more to it than that, I mean, these guys are incredibly athletic.

They also are quite strong and they have a repertoire of martial arts and wrestling ability. It's pretty amazing to watch. I mean the matches are really really short so sometimes the uninitiated don't know what going on but basically the rules are stay on your feet and stay in the small circle and, you know, try to get your opponent to fall down or to go out of the circle. That's why they only take about 10 or 20 seconds to finish a match because they do everything they can, but finally, before you know it, the match is over, you know, they do wrestling throws, they do martial arts, they do all kinds of things. It's really fun, and there's the whole ritual with it as well, I mean it's pretty amazing.

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