#468 Types of Travel
Simon discusses the pros and cons of travel.
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Simon: Like many people, I like to travel and there are many ways you can travel, uh, many forms of transportation. Probably the main three that I wanna talk about now are by car, by train and by airplane. Now each of these forms of transportation
have there pros and cons. Would you agree?

Friend: Indeed, I would.

Simon: So, what's your favorite form of transportation, of those three?

Friend: I would have to say the automobile.

Simon: Um, well, tell me some of the, the pros of traveling by car.

Friend: That would be mainly freedom. Freedom of movement. Freedom of stop. Freedom to go. Freedom to, yeah, freedom basically.

Simon: OK, uh, what about a train? What are the advantages of being of a train?

Friend: Ah, I would say, good views of the countryside. You can move around on a train. You're not stuck in a car. You can go for a cigarette. You can get something to drink. You can go to the bathroom, which you cannot do in a car.

Simon: OK, and let's talk about the airplane. Why, what are some of the advantages of flying?

Friend: Speed.

Simon: That's it?

Friend: That's all I can say about that, speed.

Simon: OK, uh, let's talk about the disadvantages, the cons. So what, what are some things that a train has, that is not that great?

Friend: There's nothing I can say bad about a train, except, yeah! Train's good.

Simon: OK!

Friend: Price!

Simon: Yeah, price, in many countries train travel is expensive. Uh, we are traveling in Japan, so the train is very fast and efficient, however, it is expensive, and another thing is, you're confined by schedule and things like that. How about the disadvantages of a car?

Friend: Ah, pollution, accidents, cost, yeah, cars can be expensive, too, maintenance, gas.

Simon: And how about the plane?

Friend: The disadvantages of a plane. The lack of view,and yeah, that stale, stale air.

Simon: Oh, yeah, also, I could sort of say the fear factor, yeah, and being confined to a small space. Yeah that's it.

© Todd Beuckens