#477 Horror Movies
Ruth and Akane talk about scary movies.
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Ruth: So Akane, is there anything that you’re frightened of?

Akane: Well… I’m, I’m really scared of horror movies. I never watch them, cuz they really really frighten me.

Ruth: Horror movies wow. Have your ever seen a horror movie?

Akane: Well, um, when I was little I used to watch them with my friends, because, back in the 80’s, horror movies used to be really popular. Like ah “Jason”, and “Freddy Cruger”. (Oh yeah) and things like that yeah. But ah, they used to keep me up at night and I couldn’t sleep.

Ruth: Yeah, my friend actually had a “Freddy Cruger” poster. It used to frighten me.

Akane: Did she?

Ruth: Yeah, it wasn’t my favorite. So, ah, what don’t you like about horror movies?

Akane: Well, um, I think, I think uh, I don’t know, I think it’s the psychological aspect of it. They just really make me feel scared.

Ruth: Ah, heh.. What was the last horror movie that you watched?

Akane: Um, the last one I watched was, I think it was the “Blair Witch Project”.

Ruth: Oh I know that film, yeah
Akane: The first one, I saw it in the theatre with my friend. And I couldn’t sleep properly for a week after that.

Ruth: Oh no!

Akane: Ya, I mean, I know it’s stupid. A lot of people think it’s a pretty stupid movie. Um, but I think it was just, just the psychological aspect of it that really made me feel scared. And uh, I think, with that movie, after people saw it, they weren’t really sure whether it was real or not.

Ruth: Oh yeah.

Akane: And so there was that element as, as well.

Ruth: Was that the same film that I’m thinking of. The one where they filmed people in a forest, is that right?

Akane: Yeah, that’s right. It was in a forest. And the whole thing was done with a camcorder. A hand held camcorder. And so, it was, a lot of it was, I think, black and white. I can’t remember. And uh, and the camera was very shaky, and…

Ruth: So it wasn’t professionally filmed?

Akane: Um, I guess it didn’t look like it was.

Ruth: Right.

Akane: Yeah, I heard that the movie actually only took um, It didn’t take a lot of money to film it.
But it, it made a lot of money.

Ruth: Yeah, I can believe that actually, I can believe that. Well, thanks for that.

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