#479 Church Decor
Ruth describes the interior of her church.
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I go to church and I'm going to tell you what it looks like inside my church. Firstly, when you go in, there's normally someone at the door who greets you and they give you a hymn book. Hymns are songs and we have a book full of songs, then in the main part of the church, we sit on pews. Pews are like long wooded seats and the pews in my church are quite big. You can fit about ten, or fifteen people, on one pew. The minister, he's the man who leads the service, is at the front of the church. He stands behind the pulpit, which is a wooden box, and he puts the bible on that box.

There are lots of stained glass windows in my church. They are windows with colored glass in them, and they often have pictures in them, normally pictures of stories in the bible. We also have an organ in church, and somebody plays the organ every week. The organ pipes are at the front and it's very loud. However, we also have a piano, and a small group of people who do singing on other days. I really like my church. I like the atmosphere there and I really think it's a friendly place.

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