#481 How to Make Spaghetti
Akane shares her spaghetti recipe.
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Hello, and welcome to our show.
Today, we’ll be making one of my favourite recipes.
It’s called the egg spaghetti.

First, what you will need for this recipe is:
About a hundred grams of dried spaghetti,
Two table spoons of olive oil,
Fifty grams of minced meat,
About a half of a medium onion,
Half a cup of chopped mushrooms,
One cup of tomato sauce, or peeled crushed tomatoes
(I prefer peeled crushed tomatoes)
And lastly, you will need one egg.

First, let your water come to a boil, and boil your dried spaghetti.
While you are waiting for your spaghetti to boil, you can prepare your sauce.

Heat up the pan with the olive oil, and add the minced meat.
Brown the minced meat until it gets nice and brown.
Lower the heat to about medium heat, and then add your chopped onions.
It’s important to fry your onions in lower heat so that you can let it caramelize.
It’ll take a while but it will be worth the effort, because all of the sugars will come out of the onion and bring a nice sweat taste to your sauce.
Then, add your mushrooms (your chopped mushrooms), and keep stirring it around until it gets nice and tender.
And then lastly, you can add your tomato sauce, or peeled crushed tomatoes.
And let it simmer for a bit until it gets nice and warm.

Your spaghetti should be ready by now.
So you can drain the water out and add a bit of olive oil to your spaghetti, so that it won’t stick.
Put your spaghetti on a plate, and then pour some of your sauce on top.

Now, you can fry your egg on a pan sunny-side-up.
I like to leave the yolk nice and soft.
And then put the fried egg on top of your spaghetti.
Now, when you eat your spaghetti, I like to pierce the egg with a fork so that all the yolk drizzles out and becomes a part of the sauce.
The egg is quite alkaline, so it brings a nice mild taste that counteracts with the acidic tomato.

And enjoy!

© Todd Beuckens