#499 First Job
Mark tells Todd about his first job.
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Todd: Hey, er, Mark, could you tell me about the first job you ever had?

Mark: I think it was when I was at university, well my first long term part time job was when I was at university and one night a week I used to work for 12 hours from 6 pm ‘til 6am in a printing factory and we were actually making television guides to be distributed throughout the whole country.

Todd: So you worked from 6am, I mean 6pm ‘til 6am?

Mark: Yep, overnight. I felt that it was probably better to work just one long block of time than rather have a part time job 2 or 3 nights a week. So I kept that up for 2, 2and a half years until my final year of university. Then I decided that study on Friday was more important than the part time job, but for 2 and a half years I really enjoyed it.

Todd: So for this job what exactly did you do? What were your duties?

Mark: We used to take the TV guides from the printing presses and bundle them up and get them ready for distribution to the various convenience stores and gas stands and bookstores throughout the whole country and then make sure that each or the shops and regions got the right number of guides.

Todd: So a job like that would be manual labour, versus say a customer service job where you are always talking with people. Which type of job do you think is more enjoyable for a young person?

Mark: Because of the hours we worked, it was all overnight, there was a combination of other university students and also quite a few housewives who were doing it for extra income, so we actually had quite a good team. There were probably 10 to15 of us. We used to enjoy a good laugh while we were doing it as well.

Todd: Sounds fun!

Mark: It was tiring, especially lectures on Friday mornings but we used to stay awake. I don’t think I ever slept in the lecture afterwards.

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