#567 Drinking
Al talks about drinking alcohol.
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Todd: So, Al, you mentioned that you quit smoking.

Al: Yes, I did.

Todd: Now, I also heard that you quit drinking.

Al: I did. Almost, about one week after I quit smoking, I quit drinking.

Todd: Wow! No more? No beer? No wine with dinner?

Al: No.

Todd: Nothing?

Al: No.

Todd: Never?

Al: Nothing, never.

Todd: Have you even had a little bit since you quit?

Al: No, I can't have a little bit. It's all or nothing for me so.

Todd: Wow!

Al: Yeah, nothing at all.

Todd: That's pretty tough to do. Well, I mean, you seem pretty happy, I mean.

Al: I'm very happy.

Todd: OK. So what, why did you stop drinking? Why do you think it's better not to drink any alcohol?

Al: I don't, I mean, I'm not against drinking the way I am against smoking. I knew that for me it was the best thing to do because drinking is getting in the way of other things I wanted to do with my life.

Todd: Right.

Al: So, and I didn't really, I drank a lot and I didn't enjoy it anymore.

Todd: Yeah.

Al: That was the thing.

Todd: Actually, I have to feel a little bit the same way. I'm a social drinker. I only drink when I'm with friends and I really don't like drinking because I don't like how it makes me feel afterwards, like if I have a glass of wine or beer, I can't work afterwards and that bothers me but its nice to have a glass of wine with a good meal.

Al: It is. Yes. There are things I miss about it but there are so many other good things that I've got from not drinking so I look at the balance and the sacrifice and for me it's worth it, not to drink. I can give up a glass of wine with dinner if get the other things I've got from it, so.

Todd: Well, do you feel healthier? Does you body feel better?

Al: I feel much healthier. I feel much more focused. My thinking is much clearer, and I like, I still go to bars and hang out with people and they drink and I don't and I go home, I love leaving a bar when I'm still sober. I love that feeling. I don't know why it's a fantastic feeling.

Todd: Well, sounds like something maybe I should consider. Thanks Al

© Todd Beuckens