#665 Rina's Next Tattoo
Rina talks about the next tattoos she plans to get.
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Wendi: OK, so I want to talk a little bit about how you decided where to put your tattoos.

Rina: You know, that is kind of spur of the moment. I will admit that. I'll just be thinking one day and "I just want one there" and that's where I plan my next piece.

Wendi: So in your mind now, you have, well first of all you have a tattoo on your leg, a pretty big one. A tattoo down the spine of your back. Another tattoo on your rib and one on your wrist, so where are you thinking next if you thought of like three spots? What are those places?

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Rina: My first one I want on the back, just between my hip and my but on the back and I'm thinking of getting the green Terra Buddha. Another place I want is, I would like a dragon going up my thigh and then the third place, I would like one on the back of my neck.

Wendi: Really.

Rina: Yeah.

Wendi: Wow!

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Rina: It's actually, because it's a smaller piece, I'll probably do that first.

Wendi: That sounds so painful.

Rina: You're ... It is. I won't like about it. It does hurt. Tattoos hurt and who ever says it doesn't, I don't really think are being truthful.

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Wendi: Of all the places you've had tattoos done, which has been the most painful spot so far?

Rina: Definitely the ribs. It was the absolute worst and I sat for six hours straight because I wouldn't let them take a break because I couldn't find my happy spot.

Wendi: Wow. That's very uncomfortable.

Rina: Yeah it is quite an uncomfortable feeling but once you have it done. I don't know. Some people jump out of airplanes as their adrenaline rush. I think that's my adrenaline rush to be honest with you.

Wendi: That's an expensive adrenaline rush.

Ruth: Well, it is.

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