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Wendi and Ken talk about watching TV as a youngster.
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Wendi: OK, so the next thing was when I was young, I used to watch this TV program. It was called the "Wonder Years". And I had such a crush on that kid Fred.

Ken: Fred Savage was it?

Wendi: Yeah, yeah, Fred Savage. What was his name in that show?

Ken: I actually never really watched that show. No, I've seen a couple of reruns.

Wendi: I know he had a crush on some girl names Wendi but I can't recall what his name was, but I has such a huge mad crush on him.

Ken: It's that show with the little kid, but like someone else, like the adult's like recounting his childhood.

Wendi: Yeah, I think so.

Ken: Like there's a narrator in the back.

Wendi: I think so. Yeah. I think so. But then, that whole thing just broke down when I saw Austin Powers, and "Mole, Mole, Mole, Mole".

Ken: Was that him?

Wendi: Yeah.

Ken: That was him?

Wendi: It's the same guy and he's an adult and he's not attractive or cute whatsoever and so I just feel really betrayed.

Wendi: OK, so I told you about an actor I had a crush on when I was young. So what show did you grow up on that you totally had a crush on - one of the actresses?

Ken: Unfortunately. Unfortunately, I was banned from watching TV as a child.

Wendi: Are you serious?

Ken: Yeah, so.

Wendi: Were you really?

Ken: I did not grow up watching TV. Yeah. I was not raised on TV.

Wendi: You weren't raised on TV at all?

Ken: Not at all.

Wendi: So, were taking Monday to Friday, no TV?

Ken: I'm talking I had to, like while my mom was cooking dinner, I could like turn the volume really low on a nine inch black and white TV and maybe catch five minutes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or something.

Wendi: Are you serious?

Ken: That's how bad it was.

Wendi: That's shocking.

Ken: That is, yeah.

Wendi: Yeah, so then at like what age did you, because you know how to work a computer quite well, when did you learn all this stuff?

Ken: I guess once my brother and sister started growing up, then my mom, you know, let me have a little bit more freedom.

Wendi: Yeah. Yeah.

Ken: We got our first computer. I was more into computer than TV, initially.

Wendi: Yeah.

Ken: And the first Tv show I watched regularly must have been like the Simpsons, probably.

Wendi: How old were you?

Ken: I can't remember. Probably, seventh, eight grade.

Wendi: Oh, yeah.

Ken: So thirteen or fourteen years old.

Wendi: Crazy. Crazy. That's amazing.

Ken: Yeah.

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