#673 Best American TV Show
Wendi and Ken talk about the most successful TV show in America.
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Wendi: So. I wanna know why you think The Simpsons were so successful?

Ken: They have a kind of humor that funny to people of all ages. It's funny to people from all different walks of life. So I guess it appeals to the masses more than any other show.

Wendi: But how do they do that? How do you make something appealing to 8-year olds and fifty-year olds?

Ken: Yeah. It's difficult. Like I haven't really thought about it all that much but like they have jokes that only old people would get and they have the fart jokes that, you know, children love at the same time, so. Yeah. So I guess that's what, yeah. It's a phenomenom.

Wendi: It is crazy. The thing that I think is wild about that show, is that just the colors even. Do you know what I mean? It's so basic. Kind of like the lines and the colors. Everything is like incredibly basic, yet it's so, kind of strong and powerful. It's really weird.Do you have any idea of what I'm talking about?

Ken: Not really. No.

Wendi: It's just like a coloring book kind of with bright colors filling in the lines. I don't know. The animation, just the style, all of it. It's just all so simple yet, I don't know, it really works, like the characters and everything.

Ken: It doesn't have to be visually stimulating, or visually...

Wendi: Like sophisticated or anything.

Ken: Sophisticated to be funny, just like South Park isn't at all yet it's one of the more popular shows on TV right now.

Wendi: But I don't know. I think one of the really funny things about the Simpsons are like the shapes of the people and stuff, like the way like that guy has the big kind of beak, like the bartender guy.

Ken: Oh, yeah, Mo.

Wendi: He has like a beak. He almost looks like a duck in a way. And it's like you know. Marges hair and then like Homer's crazy beer belly. It's all just so funny and then like the people that are supposed to be stupid like they look stupid. You know, they have the really like stupic look. Like hammerhead sharks looking.

Ken: Yeah. Yeah.

Wendi: It's just all brilliant.

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