#678 Odd Job
Jeff talks more about an odd job he had when he was younger.
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Todd: OK, Jeff, we're talking about odd jobs. Good jobs, bad jobs, strange jobs we've done. What's an odd job you've had Jeff?

Jeff: Todd, one of my oddest odd jobs might be was when I was backpacking through Europe after university, I ran out of money in Israel and there's an organization called a Kibutz, where it's communal living and you can do a job and they give you your room and board.They they don't pay you in money but they give you food and lodging and a good experience of living with the Israelis so I worked on a fish pond. A fish pond. And it means raising fish, growing fish that they are going to sell in the supermarket. And so what that entails was I got up in the morning and we fed the fish. You has a machine that put fish food, fish pellets into the lake, into the fish pond and then you'd have to clean up the fish pond, and you'd have to make some calls to the markets, to the supermarkets and find out who wanted what, when they needed it and make sure that your system, your fish could be ready when they needed it and it was beautiful because it was working with nature sort of out in the Israeli countryside and it was sunny and warm everyday. You were working with other good quality guys, so it was good. It was an interesting job, very odd, odd job, and it was a good experience as well.

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