#707 Rocky Gets a Home
Lisa talks about how she got her cat and how Rocky got her name.
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Adrienne: Hey, Lisa, I was hoping you could tell me a little about this cat?

Lisa: This is my cat Rocky. Her name... her full name is Rocky Parker, and the reason for that is because she is a survivor and I'll go into that, how she's a survivor soon, and also because she climbs the walls like Peter Parker, Spiderman. How we found Rocky, was that our friends of ours lived in this apartment complex. They were walking home one day and they heard this cat meowing in the bushes and they stopped and looked for it. They kept on hearing it meowing but they couldn't actually see where it was. So they started looking for it and it happened that there was a police officer who was in the general vicinity and came to help them look for the cat. So they finally found this little kitten who was not more than a month old, had obviously been abandoned by her mother and the police officer explained that because of the animal laws in the community that if they didn't take the cat in or find an owner within a week, they had to bring the cat back to the SPCA, they couldn't leave it out on the street again.

Adrienne: What's the SPCA?

Lisa: The SPCA is the Society for the Protection of Animals and that controls... it regulates stray animals. It also is a place where you can bring dogs or cats and they are given away free to owners, to new pet owners.

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