#708 Rocky Gets Hurt
Lisa talks about a bad accident Rocky had and how it happened.
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Adrienne: So tell me about how Rocky is a survivor.

Lisa: So, Rocky is a survivor, for two reasons. One because of her surviving in the bushes, but... and that was only when she was really only a month old and we took her in. But she really earned her name last year, when she was about a year old, Rocky liked going out on my balcony, and I used to let her go out on my balcony with out a leash or without supervision and she decided that she wanted to see what was beyond the balcony, so she climbed up to the top of the balcony which was like a concrete wall and she jumped. When I, you know five minutes after I had noticed that she has jumped, I went looking for her all around my apartment building. This was probably at eleven o'clock at night, and I couldn't find her anywhere, so I thought she had jumped to the roof next to my apartment building and she was out hanging around with other cats. I was very worried, but it was dark and I couldn't find her so I went to sleep. I woke up the next morning at five o'clock, a very worried mother looking for my cat, and I noticed that she had fallen actually between my apartment building and the roof, the apartment building next to mine and wasn't moving, so I picked her up and I brought her to the hospital and it turned out that she had actually broken her pelvis bone, which means that she could move her two front paws but she could not move her back paws, so she basically couldn't walk at all.

Adrienne: Oh, my goodness.

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