#709 Rocky Recovers
Lisa talks about Rocky's attempt to heal from the accident.
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Adrienne: What was it like to take her to the vet?

Lisa: Taking her to the vet was incredibly scary because it was obvious that there was something wrong, and it was probably six or seven o'clock in the morning so it was very early. I didn't know where there was an emergency vet, so I called a couple of friends, woke them up, and made them help me, made them help me find an emergency vet that would service us and finally we found one. Took her there, and it happened to be the most expensive vet in the city, so we went into the vet, and they took x-rays and after about two or three hours they said that they were going to hold her for observation, but they said her condition was quite serious and that she would probably need to have an operation. After two days of her staying in the vet, the doctor confirmed that she was going to need and operation, and the operation was going to cost three thousand dollars.

Adrienne: Oh, my goodness.

Lisa: Not only that, those two days in the vet cost fifteen hundred dollars, so at that time I had just moved out. I didn't have a lot of cash, so I went to... I took Rocky to a vet where her friend takes her animals to and he kept her there for observation and said that if the cat is able to eventually go to the bathroom on her own, the cat will recover and heal herself, and there won't be a need for an operation, so I was very concerned that, first of all, she wouldn't be able to go to the bathroom, and if she couldn't then I would have to put her to sleep, so after ten days, she recovered incredibly well, she was trying to start and walk again. It was obvious that she was going to survive and a year later she is a very energetic, slightly crazy, like you can never tell she fell off a balcony four stories.

Adrienne: Four stories she fell.

Lisa: Four stories.

Adrienne: Wow, I wouldn't have guessed it. She looks very healthy now.

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