#715 Ideal Day in Montreal
Lisa recommends a perfect day of activities in Montreal from morning to night.
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Adrienne: So, what's your favorite day. Sorry. What is a perfect day in Montreal? What would you do?

Lisa: That's a great question. The perfect day would start on Sunday. Wake up in the morning. Go to St. Viateur's Bagels for fresh bagels with cream cheese, then walk over, probably a twenty minute walk over to the Mount Royal which is a big mountain in the middle of the city where tons of people come. They have a tam-tam, it's called tam-tams in the park where people from all over Montreal have drums and do a big drum circle, turned into a bit of a flea market, you can bring the family, you know, lay your blanket down on the mountain and just relax and listen to the drums. You go for lunch at Arahova, which is actually right across the street from St. Viateur's Bagels and have delicous s Souvlaki Pita in Souvlaki Pita , fantastic, and then you just finish off your day strolling around Prince Arthor Street where they have clowns and outdoor comedians and outdoor musicians and then you go have a cup of coffee somewhere on, around Prince Author street area, outside of course because the weather is beautiful and you finish it off with a nice drink somewhere like Angel or Tokyo bar.

Adrienne: Sounds great.

Lisa: It is.

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