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Rebecca talks about what she likes about various cities in Australia.
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Todd: Rebecca, you are from Australia. Can you talk about Sydney and Melbourne? Most people know Sydney and Melbourne and if somebody was going to Australia and could chose one city, what city would you recommend?

Rebecca: I would recommend Sydney, of course, because I'm from Sydney. I think Sydney is very beautiful and has a lovely deep blue harbor, lots of national park around the outside, famous landmarks, like of course the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Everybody wants to take photos of those, and it has a lot of different cultures too. It's a very interesting place to be.

Todd: OK, so what about Melbourne? What are the good points or the highlights if somebody does decide to go to Melbourne?

Rebecca: Well, I'm probably the wrong person to ask, but Melbourne is famous for it's good shopping and it has lots of entertainment, so good concerts. It has a big casino of course, and some people say the restaurants are better in Melbourne. There's certainly lots of different kinds.

Todd: OK, so are they any other cities that you can talk about or recommend that maybe you've been to?

Rebecca: I've been to Adelaide. It's famous for it's cafes. It has hundreds of really nice cafes. You can get great coffee and it has a very beautiful park in the middle of the city so it's a very relaxed place to be. Very nice.

Todd: OK, so we've got Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide. Anywhere else that you could recommend?

Rebecca: Well, I've never been to Perth or Darwin. I've been to Brisbane. Brisbane's quite hot but in winter it's really comfortable, and you can get good mangoes there too, lots of tropical fruit, bananas, that kind of thing, and good seafood - prawns and barramundi so yeah, a good place for eating.

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