#728 Conrad's English House
Conrad talks about starting up his own English language school.
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Todd: So, Conrad, you have a new business. Can you talk a little about your new business?

Conrad: Sure, I have a small English language school called Conrad's English House here in Odawara, where we're sitting here, and by the way, thanks for helping me as my guest teacher today, Todd.

Todd: Oh, no problem, no problem.

Conrad: Yeah, I started it in April and all of my students are very motivated and it just makes teaching a very joyful experience.

Todd: So, what's it like being a new business owner, or owning your own business compared to working for somebody else?

Conrad: Yeah, well, it's so much better to run your own school and to be in control of things for one thing, but also, all of the hard work that us English teachers do here in Japan, usually we're doing it for another company, but now I'm doing it for myself and it makes, really, every minute of it much more pleasurable.

Todd: Can you give an example of why it's different, or how it's not the same as working for a company?

Conrad: Yeah, well, for one I can set my own schedule and the times, the hours are what are comfortable for me and what I think match my students needs the best as well.

Todd: Is there anything about owning your own company, or your own business, that you don't like?

Conrad: Not, yet Todd. It's just been since April and so far everything's been nothing to complain about although, you know, just being a new business owner there's lots of things that need to be taken care of and thankfully my, wife, Aki is taking care of all those things like setting up the school and getting a business license and all of those things that need to be done.

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