#730 English Success Story
Peter is Swedish but he learned to speak English fluently. He explains how he did it.
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Todd: Peter, your English is amazing. It's really good and people from Sweden, your country, also often speak really good English. Could you talk about your secret? Why is your English so good?

Peter: First, I would like to thank you for your comment. That's really nice. It's a difficult question and it's a difficult answer but all I can say is that, especially in Sweden, I'm not sure about our neighbor countries, but especially in Sweden, when you're raised, you start to learn English from like when you are three, four years old by watching television because we have a lot of programs that are usually from England or from America and so we tend to watch a lot, those kinds of programs. The same with me. I remember when I was four years old I started to watch horror movies on American TV shows that was actually broadcast in Sweden and my mother, she always like, she actually cursed me not to watch those because it was so scary but I never thought is was scary, but more and more actually I learned English by using English words, and, but nothing happened until when you start to learn English in school, when you really go into grammar and that is when you start to learn 'Yes', 'No', 'Car', Apple', 'I have an apple', 'I have a car' and also back then I found it really interesting to learn something new, not only mathematics, and draw with a crayon on paper, but also to learn a new language that some other people in other countries also speak, that I someday would be able to speak with them as well, so I was really enthusiastic in school by learning English and during this time, cause in Sweden we study from second grade up to high school, and during all this years I've actually watched a lot of American movies, a lot of English movies, and also it doesn't always have to be from those countries, as long as the language that you is used within the movie, as long as it is English then it's perfectly fine and also we have a lot of people in Sweden that are from other countries, foreign countries, and so many times it actually happens that you have to ask them something or they come up to you and ask where they are supposed to go and where they can grab the bus they are trying to take and usually it's in English so it's really fascinating how you actually learn English in Sweden.

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