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Listen and then click on the photo
to see the answer to the question.

When did he start to like soccer?

a) Junior high
b) High school
c) College
What did he use to make the ball?
a) Plastic bags
b) Paber bags
c) Tape
Was he a good player?
a) Yes
b) Not really
c) He does not say
Why did he stop playing soccer?
a) He is injured
b) He got bored with it
c) He is busy
Do people in Kenya call it soccer or football?
a) Soccer
b) Football
c) Both

Alex, when you were little, what did you like to do?
When I was small and I was in junior high school we used to like
playing soccer with my friends. Actually in Kenya, what's different
from other countries, we used to make our own soccer ball to play.
So, it's very easy.

Wow. How do you make the soccer ball?
We used to collect like plastic papers and bind them with string,
around them to make something round.

So it was like, you didn't have to spend any money.
Wow, that's ingeneous. That's great.
So, um, were you a good soccer player?
Not really. I used to like playing soccer but I was not very good, actually to tell the truth
Yeah, me too. I wasn't a very good athlete. I mean I like sports
but I was never any good. Um, so do you play soccer in Japan?
Sometimes, until last year when I was in school I still played soccer.
Right now, actually I'm not playing anymore, because I'm like busy.(Yeah) Yeah.
You can't play soccer without a big group of people and everyone is busy
right now so (yeah) I'm not playing anymore.

Yeah, that's a bummer. Like I always want to play sports but it's hard as
you get older. When's the last time you played soccer?
About one year ago. I think November of 199?,...2003, November.
OK. Actually in Kenya do you call it soccer or football?
In Kenya you call it football.
Football. I'm sorry.
Actually, I've been in Japan for sometime so I'm used to calling it soccer.
In Kenya you call it football.

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