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Listen and then click on the photo
to see the answer to the question.

What is the babies name
a) Hally
b) Holly
c) Harry
When was the baby born?
a) Spring
b) Winter
c) Fall
Is the baby a boy or girl?
a) Boy
b) Girl
c) She does not say
How does she feel about being a grandparent?
a) Proud
b) Shocked
c) Worried
Why do they stop talking?
a) They are late
b) They are interrupted
c) They are busy


Uh, Masako, I was very surpised to hear that you are actually a grandparent.
(Yes, yes) You look very young. I was very shocked. Um, tell me about your grandchild.
S he's a baby. Of course. A baby, a baby girl. And her name is, it's Holly. (Uh-huh).
Holly. (Holly) Holly. H-O-L-L-Y. (OK) And in, with Japanese kanji, it's written
with the two parts, and one part is the tree, and another part is winter.
So she was born in winter. Her name is winter tree.

Oh, that's nice.
And it's, her name is "Shuu" (Uh-huh) It sounds like a boys name,
but her parents want to, want her to be a boyish girl.
Oh, OK. Oh, like a tomboy.
Yeah, maybe.
Maybe. Um, so how does it feel to be a grandmother?
I'm very proud of it. And then I know if I see her, if she's with me, living near to
my house, then I forget every other thing and then I'm just very...how do you say?
A grand mother who is really occupied with her grandchild.

Oh, yeah, like just um
baba-baka in Japanese.
Baba-baka....Well congratulations on the grandchild.
Thank you very much.
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