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Listen and then click on the photo
to see the answer to the question.

How long has she lived in Chicago
a) 1 month
b) 8 months
c) 1 year
Where was she born?
a) Iowa
b) Michigan
c) Illinois
Where did she grow up?
a) Iowa
b) Michigan
c) Illinois
Why does she like Chicago?
a) It's safe
b) It's clean
c) It's busy
What is her favorite place to eat?
a) Shrimp Shack
b) Burger Barn
c) Taco Burrito Palace

OK, hello, could you say your name please?
Yes, my name is Diana Heini.
Diana, where are you from?
I live in Chicago.
Great, Chicago! How long have you lived in Chicago?
Actually, only for a year. I'm mostly a mid-western girl.
I've lived all over the mid-west.

OK, like what places in the mid-west?
I was born in Iowa, and I lived in Indiana after that, and
then I moved to Illinois, and then I grew up mostly in
Michigan, but now I live in Chicago and I love it.

OK, so Chicago is your favorite place. (Yes). OK, why do you like Chicago?
It's busy. Everyone in Chicago is always busy and
they're doing their own thing, and it's just fun to be in such
an exciting atmosphere.

OK. Does Chicago have a lot of good food, a lot of good restaurants?
Yes. If you like to eat Chicago is a good place to go. My favorite
place is the Taco Burrito Palace.

Taco Burrito Palace. Wow. Sounds good.

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