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What else is Chicago famous for
a) Pasta
b) Hot dogs
c) Tacos
Why are the toppings different on pizza?
a) They are small
b) They are big
c) All toppings are meat
What is the size of a hand?
a) Mushrooms
b) Sausage
c) Olives
What is her favorite cheese?
a) Feta
b) Cheddar
c) Blue
What is her favorite topping?
a) Apples
b) Pineapples
c) Sausage

OK, Diana, we're going to talk about food. (OK) You were just talkin
about food in Chicago. What kind of good food can you get in Chicago?
Chicago is famous for its Chicago style pizza or their hotdogs. The
pizza is different because they put the sauce on top I guess, and like
they have just amazinlgy huge toppings (Yeah) like sausages the size of
your hand.

Wow, seriously. Whoa! What other toppings can you find on a pizza?
Ah, just normal pizza toppings like mushrooms and pepperoni, lots and lots
of cheese, tomatoes, (uh-huh) feta cheese is my favorite, it's kind of weird
but it tastes good.

I love feta cheese. Nice. OK. What is your favorite topping?
My favorite topping on pizza is wierd but I like pineapple.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah I love it. It tastes good with cheese and sauce.

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