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Listen and then click on the photo
to see the answer to the question.

What does she give the animals
a) Food
b) Names
c) Both
What name did she give the Giraffe?
a) Bert
b) Barry
c) Brent
Why are zoos good?
a) They save animals
b) They help populations grow
c) Both
What is her favorite pet?
a) Dog
b) Bird
c) Cat
What is her favorite animal?
a) Giraffe
b) Zebra
c) Monkey

What do you think about the zoo?
I like to go to the zoo. I like to give all the animals names, like
"Bert the Giraffe", but I wish the animals didn't have to be in the
zoo, but I think it is good when zoos save animals, and help to make
their populations grow.

Yeah, they can do some good things, definitely. Ah, what is your favorite animal?
My favorite animal, ooh, let me think. I love cats, just as a pet but, besides
I'd pick the coolest animal, I think I would pick probably a monkey.

A monkey! (yeah) yeah, there's a lot of monkeys in Japan.
Have you ever seen a monkey in the wild?
No, but my brother is a wild monkey.
Oh, he's going to have to listen to this now.

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