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Listen and then click on the photo
to see the answer to the question.

What kind of place did he live in
a) City
b) Suburb
c) Farm town
How many people lived there?
a) 800, 000
b) 80,000
c) 8,000
What did he teach?
a) Kindergarten
b) Junior high
c) High school
What was the best thing about Finland?
a) The food
b) The people
c) The summer
How much daylight was there sometimes?
a) 18 hours
b) 21 hours
c) 24 hours
OK, Keith, I was surprised to hear that you actually lived in Finland.
Yeah, I lived in a small farm town there. (uh-huh) There's a little
place called Kalhaba. About 8,000 people live there. Yeah, it was a
nice time. I was teaching kindergarten to little Finnish children and
sometimes I was teaching adults too. Once a week.

OK. What was the best thing about Finland?
Wow. I'd say the summers were the best thing because summer's there..
well, there's no night really, depending on where you are in the
country. 24 hours of daylight if you were in lapland. It was outstanding.

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