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Listen and then click on the photo
to see the answer to the question.

What is her dad's name
a) Larry
b) Robert
c) Bobby
What is her father's job?
a) Airplane pilot
b) He's retired
c) He's a mechanic
Can her dad fly a plane?
a) Yes, he has a license
b) No, but he is learning now
c) No, he does not
Why does she trust his work?
a) He's meticulous
b) He has help
c) Because it is her dad
Is she going to fly on the plane with him?
a) When the plane is ready
b) No, she hates flying
c) No, flying makes her sick

OK, Keri, I've heard you talk about your father quite a bit.
He sounds like a very interesting man. Uh, can you talk a
little bit about him?
Sure. My dad's name is Robert and he's an interesting guy.
He's retired now and lives in Oregon and in his free time
he's building an airplane
(wow!) Yeah!
So can he fly a plane as well?
Yeah, he has a private pilot's license.
Wow, that must be pretty difficult. He's actually
making a plane from scratch.
Yeah. Well, he used to be an airplane mechanic, so quite awhile ago.
But yeah, he's doing all the riveting, building all the different parts
of the plane, assembling it.

Wow! So when do you think he's going to be finished.
I don't know. I got an e-mail from him recently that said he's just
putting the tail section on soon. But I haven't seen a picture of that

Wow. So are you going to go in this plane with your
father as soon as it's finished?
I hope so. (OK) He's having someone else test fly it which made me happy
when I found out. Although I trust his work cause he's meticulous but it

made me feel good that someone else is going to try it for the first time,
but yeah, after it's finished, when he's ready to take up passengers.
Cool. Sounds fun.

Yeah. I think so.

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