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Which picture is talked about?
Listen and then check to see!

What is fluffy
a) White clouds
b) The beach
c) Surfing
Does she surf?
a) Yes, all the time
b) No, but she used to
c) No, but she tried to learn
Why is the summer a bad time to surf?
a) The waves are too big
b) The waves are too small
c) The ocean is too crowded
Why is the winter a bad time to surf?
a) The waves are too strong
b) The are sharks
c) The water is too cold
How many times did she try to surf?
a) only once
b) a couple times
c) never

Uh, hey Keri. Let's talk about summer.
Do you like summer?
Yes, I do.
OK. Why?
Um, because it's warm, and blue skies, and fluffy white clouds.
Mm, that's true. Now, you grew up in Southern California. What was
it like growing up on the beach in the summer?
It was great. It was a lot of fun. It's nice.
Did you learn how to surf?
I tried a couple of times but I didn't want to learn in the summer
time cause the beaches are too crowded (OK) so I tried in the winter
but the water is very cold so I gave up after a couple of tries.
Oh, really. Even in winter it's too cold, the water..

Yeah, the Pacific's cold.
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