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How many people live in Toronto?

a) 3 million
b) 4 million
c) 5 million
What is the biggest city in Canada?
a) Vancouver
b) Montreal
c) Toronto
What is the best thing about Toronto?
a) The cost of living
b) The variety
c) The weather
Where did she grow up?
a) On a farm
b) In Toronto
c) In Quebec
What is the worst thing about Toronto?
a) The crime
b) The traffic
c) The development

Hey, Marika! (Mm-hm) What is your home town?
My hometown is Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
OK, and how many people live there?
About 4 million people.
Oh really?
Mm-hm. (Oh, OK) It's the biggest city in Canada.

Really. What is the best thing about it?
The best thing about Toronto is that it's a very multi-cultural city,
and there is a really big mix of different people and there is lots
of different things going on and lots of different cultural events
and different restaurants and it's really interesting to meet all
the different people.

What is the worst thing about it?
The worst thing about it is that I grew up there so I don't think it's
as exciting as it probably is.
(Oh, really) Like, I , sometimes I just
get bored there because I'm used to it. Is that a bad thing.
(No) That's
weird. Let me say that again. What's the worst thing about it, um, OK, can
I say the worst thing about it?
(Yeah) One more time? (Sure) The worst thing
about Toronto is that it's expanding and a lot of the farmland that is outside
of Toronto is now being developed into condominiums and suburbs and it's really
good farmland but not it's just being turned into suburbs which is really bad I

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