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Which picture is talked about?
Listen and then check to see!

Who does she live with?

a) Her husband
b) By herself
c) With her family
When does she eat out?
a) Every night
b) Never
c) On the weekend
What do Germans like to eat?
a) Sausage
b) Fish
c) Rice
Why is she healthy?
a) She has no microwave
b) She only eats fresh food
c) She takes lots of vitamins
What can she cook well?
a) Casserole
b) Soups
c) Vegetable dishes

OK, Nicoleta I am going to ask you questions about your kitchen.
(Mm-hm) OK, first of all, what do you do in your kitchen?
Cooking mostly.
Yeah, OK. At your home, back in Germany, who cooks at your house?
Um, well, I'm living alone so I do normally.
OK, do you cook every night or do you usually buy take-out or?
No, (or eat out?) at the weekends, yeah, mostly at the weekends.
OK. Actually what is a German dish that people cook like a..
Typical? (Yeah) Um, sauerkraut. No, Yeah, everyone asks me about
sausages by the way.
(Yeah) But, um, I don't know a typical meal (Yeah)
Maybe really sausages. I mean, originally but yes.

Mm, OK. What's in your kitchen?
Um, dishes and food, fridge. No microwave.
No microwave
No microwave
That's good. You're healthy. Um, what's something you can cook very well?
That I can cook very well? Soups.
OK. (Yeah) Like what kind of soup?
Um, zucchini, cucumber.
Mm, how do you make it?
Ah, it's very easy. Ah, I don't know the English word, so don't ask!

Question and Response

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