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Listen and then click on the photo
to see the answer to the question.

Why did he come to Tokyo
a) For family
b) To study
c) For personal reasons
What city does he compare Tokyo to?
a) Dublin
b) Paris
c) London
How is Tokyo different?
a) More hardcore
b) Cheaper
c) Older
What is the "same" in Dublin?
a) Things people say
b) Things people wear
c) Places people go
What does he appreciate in Japan?
a) Karaoke
b) The taxis
c) Sushi
OK, Shane, why don't you talk a little about why you came to Japan?
Well, I suppose the reason I came to Japan is because, I suppose it's a personal thing
There's many different people in Dublin, different types of people. I do not think that Dublin
has the mental stimuli, or does not have the hard core atmosphere that somewhere like Tokyo
could possibly have, so you have many types of people who are happy living in Dublin,
going to the same places, the same bars, same restaurants, yet I feel that Tokyo has a lot
more to offer because it's more hardcore. There's so much stuff to do. Simple things like Karaoke,
non-drink related activites that you can do over here which is great, so I wanted
to get away from Ireland. See a differnt country, a different type of atmosphere, and have
some fun as well at the same time and make some money
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