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Listen and then click on the photo
to see the answer to the question.

What does she compare
a) The riders
b) The trainers
c) The horses
What horses are nicest to her?
a) Males
b) Females
c) Both
What do mares compete for?
a) Food
b) The coach's attention
c) The rider's attention
Who does the horse fear ?
a) The rider
b) The coach
c) Neither
Which horse is more difficult to make friends with?
a) Female
b) Male
c) Neither

Hello, Daniela, how are you tonight?
Hi, Todd. I'm fine, thanks.
Now, you were showing me a picture of a horse.
And you were saying that female horses and male horses are different.
They behave different to me, so maybe it's just my imagination, or not
but female horses, mares, are kind of cold and aggressive with me cause
I'm a female and I kind of compete over the male coaches' affection, that
was my conclusion because male horses are so nice to me.

So you saying the horse can tell (the horse can tell) if it's a man or woman rider.
Exactly, my horse can do that. She's more affectionate towards men.
Yeah, and she's a female.
So if I want to go horse riding for the first time and I'm on my own.
You don't have to worry because the coach will make sure the horse will
behave and it will fear the coach, at least, and it won't do anything wrong to
you, but if you want to make friends with the horse you'll probably have to
work out more with a male horse.

Yeah, for me it's very difficult to become friendly with a female horse.
(wow) Maybe it's just my impression. Maybe it's not true but that's my conclusion
so far.

Well, that's good to know. Thanks.

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