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Listen and then click on the photo
to see the answer to the question.

What is suno-mono
a) Salad
b) Green leaves
c) Soup
What is o-shi-tashi?
a) Soup
b) Green leaves
c) Seasoning
What color is Udo ?
a) Red
b) Green
c) White
What does it taste like on the outside?
a) Bland
b) Bitter
c) Sour
What is wakame?
a) Sea water
b) Seafood
c) Sea vegetables

OK, Hisa, why don't we talk about food?
OK, um, first of all, actually, can you cook?
Yes, I can.
Yeah. Um, what can you cook?
I can cook most of the Japanese dishes. (uh-huh) And I also like baking.
Oh, really. OK. Since you're Japanese can you tell us what things you cook
in Japanese cuisine.
OK. I use a lot of vegetables in my cuisine. In cookery. And then I prepare lots of
Japanese type of salad, which is sometimes we call it suno-mono.

Suna-mono. OK
Mm-hm. Yes, with vinegar. (Oh, really) Which is especially good for spring?
And the summer time, and then also pickles, is one type of thing.
(OK) and then I use vegetables, even cooked kind of salad I use, this is, we call it O-shi-tashi, green leaves, throughout the year, I use a different kind of green vegetables for salad.
Can you talk about one kind of salad that you can make? (Yes) And how do you make it?
OK. For example, this is spring, I tell you one kind of salad, Udo.
Mm-hm. That is a white stick, kind of vegetable. Just you peel them very thick
because outside is quite bitter, so inside you slice up and then put them in the water
with vinegar because that is how you can keep this white color. It lasts long, yes,
and then, usually I put some wakame, sea vegetables, and then two ingredients I use,
and then add some ginger, which I love very much. Chop up some ginger, and then
those three things I mix with vinegar, a little bit soy sauce and then salt
(oh, wow)
and then just sometimes you can even marinate if you like.

Wow, sounds good.
Very light.
And I can buy these ingredients at the Japanese supermarket?
Yes, green grocer's, and it is only for spring time. Udo! Sounds like Udon.
Just you remove "n"

Udo. Good luck.
Alright, I'll try and make it

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