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What wine goes well with steak
a) Red
b) White
c) Port
What should go first, white or red?
a) Red
b) White
c) It does not matter
What goes well with terimisu?
a) Port
b) Champagne
c) Both
What should be served first with appetizers?
a) Red
b) Port
c) Champagne
Where is champagne the cheapest in the world?
a) Australia
b) Portugal
c) Japan

Uh, now, Sandra, hello!
Now, you are a wine connoisseur. Or wine teacher. No!
Not really!
Not really?
A wine connoisseur., that's sort of a snobby..
Oh, really?
Oh, OK. So, how would you describe what you do?
A wine professional.
A wine professional. OK, so what does a wine professional do?
Try to make money from wine.
So, I'm a wine writer. A wine columnist. I teach wine.
Oh, wow. OK, so let's say if I'm going to have friends over, and I'm making let's say
steak. I'm having a grilling steak. Can I serve wine with steak?
Yes. Steak goes with almost any red wine.
Oh, really. OK. So, red. Um, how about if I want to mix wines. Is it
OK to go red wine, white wine.
You always start out with white wines going towards red wines.
OK, always go white wine first. (Mm-hm) Then the red wine. (Yes) OK, and how
about for dessert. Is there a special dessert wine?
There are many great dessert wines. (uh-huh) So it depends on what you
like, how sweet you like and what you're making for dessert.

OK, so how about I'm making terimisu.
Terimisu, then I would probably have a tawny port, either from Portugal
or from Australia, which makes great ports, or you might even go for a
fruity and oaky zinfandel, which is dry wine from California.

OK, nice. How much will that cost me?
Depends on how much you want to spend. For a port, a tawny port, anywhere
in between 3,500 to 10,000 (OK) And for a California Zinfandel, a good one
probably about 3,000 (yen).

3,000. I think I can maybe afford that. Not much. And, how about what would be a
good wine to start off for like appetizers or with a salad or something
like that.
I always start off with a sparkling wine.
A sparkling wine.
Yes. I prefer champagne but if you can't afford it, even though champagne is
the lowest price anywhere in the world is in Japan

Oh, really.
And many of my students load up on cases of champagne and have it sent home by their
companies container.

Oh, wow.
Yes. But champagne is a good starter.

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