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Hi, I'm Conrad and I'm going to talk about sports. This first sport was invented by a Canadian man, although most people believe it was invented by an American. In this sport you need at least five players on each team and the goal is to shoot a ball into a basket or hoop.

In this next sport, there are usually ten rounds. Each round is three minutes long. It's man versus man and they are both fighting using just their hands.

This next sport is in a swimming pool. It's also a very fast-paced sport where swimmers are swimming back and forth, also throwing a ball into a net. In this sport lots of things happen under water that the referee can not see. It's a very tough sport to play.

This next sport is on a table. There is a little white plastic ball that moves very, very quickly. In Japan there is a famous little girl who plays this sport. Her name is 'love' in English.

This next sport was invented in England. It requires eleven players on each team. In this sport you cannot use your hands unless you're the goalee or goalkeeper.

And the last sport I'll talk about also happens in the water. This sport is one of the more popular sports for the summer olympics. In this sport, there are four main strokes, and 'crawl' is the most common.


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