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What was the hardest part about the trip?
a) Driving there
b) Getting the money
c) Getting time off
What did the band spend a lot of time doing?
a) Practicing
b) Playing cards
c) Playing frisbee
Where did he perform?
a) In the parade
b) In Epcot Center
c) At the main entrance
How long did it take to get there?
a) A couple hours
b) Over six hours
c) Over ten hours
What character did he see?
a) Donald
b) Mickey
c) Goofy
So Alex you were saying that you took trips, band trips. (Yes, sir) OK, so why
don't you talk about a band trip
OK, let's see. The band trip we went to Florida, Disneyland actually. It was a lot of fun.
Actually getting the money for the band trip, I had to fundraise a lot, and that was just
a big humongous problem, cause, I don't know, the band organization was kind of disorganized,
anyway, so the band trip, we went to Disneyland. It was a lot of fun, but we ended up playing
frisbee all the time because we had nothing better to do really, and to tell you the truth I
like Disneyland, but it's kind of kiddish (Yeah) to tell you the truth, um but it's a lot of
fun. We actually, where did we march, Epcot. (Oh, the Epcot Center) Yeah, we marched around the
Epcot center an hour or a half or so.
So how long was the trip down there?
Oh, we actually, we flew so, it wasn't that long. A couple of hours at most. The funny part is,
half the band isn't, they hadn't flown before (Really!) before the actual trip so everybody was
kind of nervous. (Yeah) It was kind of funny, (Yeah) but yeah I made a lot of friends. It was
very interesting. I mean I got made of, made fun of, excuse me, in school, because you know
the whole marching band, band geek, whatever (Yeah-Yeah) but it was a lot of fun. You make a lot of
friends and you just get out there and do what you like and it's a lot of fun.
Oh, that sounds like a fun trip. So when you were at Disneyland did you see Mickey mouse?
Yes, I did.
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