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What is his favorite thing for breakfast?
a) Pancakes
b) Eggs
c) Cereal
What spicy food does he make ?
a) Salsa
b) Kim chi
c) Chili
What is he addicted to?
a) Chocolate
b) Cereal
c) Cookies
What is hard to find in America?
a) Fresh Sushi
b) Good Ramen
c) Japanese rice
Where does he work ?
a) Ramen shop
b) Supermarket
c) Gym
So, Alex, you're in university. (Yeah) So, um what kind of foods do you eat?
Well, since I go to college, I don't have a lot of money, so usually I go with the very inexpensive
ramen, you know, breads, eggs. My favorite thing though is pancakes and bacon for breakfast. I have
no idea, but I just like it a lot. I also like chili. I make chili actually, and it's very spicy,
but I like chili and cheesecake. I eat a lot of cereal, a lot, a lot of cereal. I'm addicted really.
OK, like Sienfield? (Yeah) Um, so you say you eat ramen? (Yes) OK, so how would you compare ramen in
America and ramen in Japan?

Oh, ramen in Japan is definitely better. (Yeah) I mean the amount of ramen shops just in general is
a whole lot more than you'll find in all of America I bet, just in Tokyo, but yeah, the ramen in Japan
is definitely better than in America. Especially those humongous bowls of ramen with the meat and the eggs
and stuff on top they give you. You're not going to find that, at least where I am in America, a lot, so
I like that a lot.
And when you talk about ramen in the states, do you mean an actual ramen shop or like top ramen?
Both actually. Ramen shops are very, at least where I am they're very, not, there's not a lot. So I usually
when I want ramen, I have to buy the packaged, you know, Top Ramen, whatever.
Yeah, how much does it cost?
It depends where you do. The cheapest I found it was, they're having a sale, where I work actually, in a
grocery store, was having a sale, like 50 cents a pack, so I loaded, and it was OK.
That's pretty cheap.
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