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How do you spell his last name?
a) Cromah
b) Cromer
c) Crommer
How big is Pittsburgh ?
a) Very small
b) Medium size
c) Very big
What is favorite part of Pittsburgh?
a) Downtown
b) Oakland
c) The waterfront
What is the worst thing about Pittsburgh?
a) It's expensive
b) It's a little boring
c) It has terrible traffic
What is the weather like?
a) Never too hot
b) Never too cold
c) Both hot and cold
OK, hello! (Hi!) Hi, what's your name?
Alex Cromer.
Yes, sir.
And how do you spell that?
OK, and where are you from Alex?
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
OK, what's Pittsburgh like?
Pittsburgh is, uh, let's see, it is very quiet. (Mm-hm) It's medium size, so there's not
a lot of people but enough to make it fun.
(Uh-huh) but you know, it's very quiet.
OK, what's the best thing about Pittsburg?
Ooh, the best thing? I'd have to say, Oakland! Oakland is a part of Pittsburgh. It's where
Pittsburgh University
(OK) main campus is. And there's lots of stuff to do. Lots of college kids
around. It's fun to hang out.

OK, did you go to the University of Pittsburg?
Ah, no sir. I go to Penn State.
Oh, Penn State!
OK, are they a rival universities?
Very much.
OK, what's the worst thing about Pittsburgh?
Oh, well the fact that it's kind of quiet sometimes, makes it, kind of a bit boring.
Mm, I mean, sometimes there is not a lot of things to do.
(Yeah) But other than that
it's OK.

What's the weather like?
Ooh, it depends really. It gets really cold in winter and really hot in the summer, so it's kind of mixed.

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