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When is his first class?
a) 8:10
b) 9:10
c) 10:10
Where does he work part-time?
a) A bar
b) A pool hall
c) A radio station
How much is a game of pool?
a) 25 cents
b) 50 cents
c) 100 cents
Has he gotten better at playing pool ?
a) Yes, a lot
b) Yes, only some though
c) Not at all
What is a mystery to him?
a) How to get good at pool
b) Why pool is so popular
c) Why more people don't like pool

So, Alex, you're still at university. (Yes, sir) So, what's a typical day at university like?
A typical day at my school, let's see, well I would usually get up, well last semester, I would
get up around 8 or so. My first class would be at 9:10. It'd be an hour so around 10:10 I'd get out
of class, you know, have lunch, and I was actually a part of the college radio station (Oh really)
so yeah, I'd hang out there, play some music, you know, joke around, play some pool, go to class.
It wasn't too bad.
Yeah, where do you play pool?
Oh, um, well, anyplace that I can really. There's a pool table right next to my radio station at
school so I usually play a lot there. Um, a place called Mr. Pockets, too, where I live. They're pretty
inexpensive so, I play there too, but I'm not very good. Like the pool table at my college was, it was
a bar pool table so you have to pay money for it, 50 cents a game, and I must have put at least a
hundred dollars in there and I'm not any better than when I started out, so I don't know.
That's OK you have other talents. (I guess) What's the allure of pool? Why do college kids like to play pool?
Oh, I have, it's really a mystery, it's very ambiguous. I don't know. It's just the pool tables there
and something with hitting balls with a stick into little holes, maybe, but it's a lot of fun.
I don't know why I like it as much as I do (Yeah) but even though I'm not so good I like to
play some pool.
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