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Who was she horseback riding with?
a) Her students
b) Her friends
c) Her family
How as the weather at first?
a) Terrible
b) Not good but not bad
c) Really beautiful
Where did they take shelter?
a) In a barn
b) In a cave
c) Under a tree
What was upseting the horses?
a) The wind
b) The lightning
c) The riders
How was the weather at the end of the trip?
a) Cool and windy
b) Hot and dry
c) Wet and cold
Ashley have you ever been horsebackriding?
Yes, I've actually been horseback riding a numbr of times. My grandparents have horses and
my uncle. Actually, there was this one time where I was in Idaho visiting for the summer and
my uncle, my grandpa took me on a horseback ride, a whole day trip kind of thing, and you know
I'm not so great at the horsebackriding thing, you know, I get a little scared. Horses are pretty big
animals, and um, so we were, it was beautiful. We were in the mountains, and we were going up this hill,
this trail and we got to the top. You know the weather was beautiful when we started out, of course,
it always is. We get to the top of the mountain and it starts to rain. Well not only does it
start to rain, it starts to pour, and we hear the Thunder in the distance, and the horses
get a little scared and the one I was on got really scared, and I look around and my uncle is
taking shelter under a tree, and I'm looking around and we're on the very, very top of this
ridge of mountains, the top, like, the highest point, you know, and the lightning is coming and I see
the only tree that hasn't been struck by lighting is the one that my uncle is under with his horse
and I'm scared and the horse is going crazy and I'm holding on and I'm thinking, "Oh, my God! I'm
going to die!" But we got under the tree and we got down to a lower ridge and we made it, but it was
So how apt were you to go back on that horse after that?
Oh, well, I went, we finished the ride, and it was fine, after that you know, mountain storms, they come
and go so quickly. By the time we got down the mountain we were dry and hot from the sun. But you know,
got back on the horse the next day.
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