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What time would they get up?
a) 4:30
b) 5:30
c) 6:30
Where did they first see zebras?
a) On their way to the park
b) Just inside the park
c) as they were leaving the park
What did their driver predict they would get sick of seeing?
a) Zebras
b) Lions
c) Buffalo
What was her favorite animal to see run?
a) Lions
b) Giraffes
c) Zebras
What was her favorite animal to see?
a) Zebras
b) Giraffes
c) Lions
Ashley, when you went to Kenya did you do a safari?
Yes, it was incredible. Uh, we went of a five day safari. We were up every morning at 4:30
in the morning, um, to watch the animals and then we would have all day to kind of sit back
and do nothing and then we'd go on another animal drive in the evening because that's when
the animals are eating, so cause it's so hot in the day that they come out at dawn and dusk
to graze. It was incredible. When we first started out, we weren't even in the national park,
we were on our way to the park, and we saw some zebras and we were screaming at our safari
driver,"Stop! Stop! There's zebras! There's Zebras!" And he's like, "Uh!", he's like,"You'll
be sick of zebras by the end" and we were so sure, like there was no way, we will never be sick
of zebras. We will never be sick of zebras animals, it's just, it's just to foreign, to incredible
to us, but by the end we were like,"Uh, another zebra" No, I'm kidding, I mean still, it was
incredible. We saw just lions and the whole thing, giraffes. Uh, to see giraffes run. Their necks,
are just this wave. It's beautiful, so beautiful.
So were you most impressed with the giraffe or?
Um, no, probably the lions. I mean, their the king. Just, we saw thirty different lions. It was, it was
something out of a fairly tale. It was incredible. We even saw, we didn't see them make a kill
but we saw them eating a kill, which was quite disgusting, but it was incredible to watch
because there was a male lion who was, I guess he had already eaten cause you know the men eat
first and then they let their families eat, but there was another male, we were trying to figure
out the dynamic of it because he wouldn't, the one male was keeping the other one away and keeping
him away so his cubs could eat and they were kind of fighting, growling, I mean we were only ten feet
away from them, not even that, like five feet. We were right there. It smelled cause it was a dead,
I don't know, buffalo. It was gross. But it was incredible.
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